Tech Specs

qualcomm certified

Material PC Fire retardant material
Voltage DC12-30V
Power 30W
Output  12-24V/2.4A
Size 78.0mm x 32mm x 32mm
Total Current 6000mA
Weight 30.4g

BoltCHARGE 3.0 Features

QualComm Certified: The BoltCHARGE 3.0 is QualComm certified, warranting the utmost quality.

Temperature Control: Developed with intelligent temperature control, the BoltCHARGE 3.0 will never overheat.

Fireproof Materials: Constructed with A-Grade materials to eliminate fire susceptibility.

Short Circuit Protection: Increased safety and confidence if the vehicles power were to short circuit unexpectedly.

Overcurrent Protection: Added reliability when used with any piece of hardware. The BoltCHARGE 3.0 will charge to the maximum power accepted by the devices used.



Q: Are both ports used for fast charging?
Both ports are 3.0 USB, however the QC 3.0 port is the port you will need to use with your device to ensure a quick charge is given. There are currently over 920+ devices that support fast charging.

Q: Can I use the BoltCHARGE 3.0 for long periods?
A: Of course. The BoltCHARGE 3.0 is designed to be used for hours on end - built with temperature control, and input voltage protection. You can be at ease knowing you're in safe hands. Use the BoltCHARGE 3.0 at your hearts content.

Q: Can the BoltCHARGE 3.0 overheat?
The BoltCHARGE 3.0 comes equipped with fire protection and temperature control. You will never have to worry about any dangers. All BlueBolt products undertake a series of quality assurance, stress checks and procedures so that we can provide quality products with certainty.