Waterproof Polyester Laptop Shoulder Bag

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Lightweight and Portable

360° Corner Protection

Anti-Scratch Design

Detachable Shoulder Strap


Product Details


- Dacron Polyester

- Pearl Cotton

- Suede


- Black

- Silver Gray

- Pink


13.3" - 400g

14.1"-15.4" - 450g

15.6" - 475g

Variant Sizes:      

- 13.3"

- 14.1"-15.4"

- 15.6"

Size reference:


External size: 37x27x4cm / 14.5x10.6x1.57"

Internal size: 35.5x25.5x3.5cm / 13.9x10x1.37"


External size: 39x28.5x4cm / 15.3x11.2x1.57"

Internal size: 37.5X27x3.5cm / 14.7x10.6x1.37"


External size: 39x28.5x4cm / 15.3x11.2x1.57"

Internal size: 37.5X27x3.5cm / 14.7x10.6x1.37"


External size: 42.5x31.5x4cm / 16.7x12.4x1.57"

Internal size: 41x30x3.5cm / 16.1x11.8x1.37"

What's Included

x1 Polyester Laptop Shoulder Bag


- Tablets and laptops below 15.6''

- Tech Accessories


Is this bag truly waterproof?

Absolutely! Our Polyester Laptop Shoulder Bag features advanced waterproof and anti-splash technology, ensuring your devices stay dry and protected, even in unexpected downpours.

How much can this bag hold?

Designed with a large capacity and multiple compartments, it can comfortably hold your laptop, tech accessories, and personal items, making it the perfect companion for everyday use or travel.

Will it fit my 15.6-inch laptop?

Yes, it will! Our bag comes in various sizes, including a version specifically designed for 15.6-inch laptops, ensuring a perfect fit for your device along with exceptional protection.

Is the shoulder strap comfortable for long wear?

Our shoulder strap is designed for maximum comfort, featuring a detachable and adjustable design with padded support to reduce shoulder strain during extended use.

How does it protect my laptop from impacts?

The bag is equipped with 360° corner protection and a shockproof interior, offering superior protection against collisions, drops, and vibrations, keeping your laptop secure at all times.

Can I carry this bag onto an airplane?

Yes, its dimensions are compliant with airline carry-on requirements, making it an ideal travel partner. The addition of a tie rod belt for luggage ensures seamless integration with your travel gear.

  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty Included

All-Weather Protection

No matter the forecast, your devices will remain pristine and dry. Our bag's waterproof and anti-splash technology ensures ultimate protection against all weather conditions, keeping your electronics safe and sound through every season.




Safe in Any Weather

Organize with Ease

Finding what you need has never been easier. The thoughtful multi-compartment design of our laptop bag allows for effortless organization and quick access, ensuring that your essentials are neatly arranged and always within reach.


Efficient Organization

Lightweight, Limitless

Engineered for those who seek both style and substance, our bag combines lightweight portability with comprehensive protection. Enjoy the freedom of effortless carrying without sacrificing the safety and capacity your lifestyle demands.

Crafted for Comfort

Light Portability

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