Aluminum Laptop Stand with Adjustable Shelf

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Easy to Adjust

Space-Saving Design

Durable and Sturdy

Secure Grip


Product Details


- Aluminum Alloy


Color: Black

Weight: 1200 grams

Bearing capacity: 15kg

Product Dimension: 428mm x 265mm x 65mm

What's Included

x1 Aluminium Laptop Stand with Adjustable Shelf

x1 Mouse board


All laptops and tablets with 17-inch screen sizes and below


How does the 360° rotation improve my usage?

The 360° rotation allows for easy adjustment to any viewing angle, making your work or leisure time more comfortable and flexible.

Is it compatible with my phone?

Yes, with a 15kg bearing capacity, it securely supports laptops and tablets up to 17 inches.

Can I adjust the height?

Absolutely, the height is extendable from 4 to 48cm to match your comfort level.

Is the laptop stand foldable for storage?

Yes, it's designed to fold easily, making it perfect for saving space when not in use.

How does the non-slip baffle work?

The non-slip baffle keeps your device securely in place, preventing any slips or falls.

Can it be used for purposes other than a laptop stand?

Yes, it's versatile enough to serve as a breakfast tray, standing desk, book tray, and more.

  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty Included

Elevate Your Workspace

Experience unprecedented flexibility in your workspace. Our stand's 360° rotation and height adjustability transform your desk into a versatile workstation, enabling you to find the perfect angle and height for every task, thus maximizing comfort and productivity.

Enhances Productivity

Comfort in Every Task


Ultimate Flexibility

Unlock the full potential of your workspace with our stand's ultimate flexibility. It offers 360° rotation and adjustable height, making it the perfect solution for achieving optimal viewing angles and ergonomic comfort for any task, whether you're working, gaming, or browsing.

360° Rotation

Extendable for Comfort

Enhances Viewing Experience

Ergonomic Design for Health

Designed with a deep understanding of human ergonomics, our stand not only alleviates strain on your neck and back but also promotes a healthier posture. By aligning the screen at eye level, it helps prevent long-term health issues, making it an essential tool for anyone who spends significant time at their desk.

Reduces Neck Strain

Promotes Better Posture

Supports Spinal Health

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