FlexiGrip Portable Magnetic Phone Holder - Adjustable & Foldable

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Easy to Adjust

Secure Magnetic Hold

Ultra Portable Design

Anti-slip Stability


Product Details


- Aluminum Alloy

- N52 Magnet

Color: Dark Grey

Weight: 160 grams

Product Dimensions: 85x150mm

What's Included

x1 FlexiGrip Portable Magnetic Phone Holder - Adjustable & Foldable


iPhone Series:

- 15, 15 Pro/Pro Max/Plus

- 14, 14 Pro/Pro Max/Plus

- 13, 13 Pro/Pro Max/Mini

- 12, 12 Pro/Pro Max/Mini

- Any mobile phones/tablets with magnetic rings or cases with magnetic rings


How to attach to my device?

Simply place your device near the magnetic surface of the FlexiGrip, and it will automatically snap into place, providing a secure hold. Ensure your device has a magnetic ring or a compatible case.

Is it compatible with all smartphones?

The FlexiGrip is designed to work with all smartphones and tablets that have magnetic rings or cases with magnetic rings, including the entire iPhone 12, 13, 14, and 15 series.

Can it hold my tablet?

Yes, FlexiGrip's strong N52 magnet can securely hold tablets that are equipped with magnetic rings or magnetic cases, making it versatile for various devices.

How to clean the holder?

Clean the FlexiGrip with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives to preserve the metallic finish and integrity of the magnetic surface.

Is it waterproof?

The FlexiGrip is water-resistant, making it suitable for use in various environments, including light rain or accidental spills. However, it should not be submerged in water.

Will the magnet affect my device?

The N52 magnet is designed to safely hold your device without interfering with its operation or internal components, such as the battery or GPS. It's safe for use with all compatible devices.

  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty Included

Precision Engineered Design

Experience unmatched stability and flexibility with our precision-engineered magnetic phone holder. Designed for the modern lifestyle, it offers a sleek, foldable form factor that seamlessly integrates into your day.

Sleek Design

Foldable Form

Ultimate Flexibility

Discover the freedom to view your device from any angle with our dual-joint design. Perfect for work, entertainment, or video calls, the FlexiGrip adapts to your needs, ensuring optimal viewing at all times. Its compact size makes it an essential accessory for the mobile professional.

Optimal Viewing

Magnetic Precision

The N52 magnet provides a strong, reliable hold, securing your device in place without compromising its functionality. This magnetic precision ensures your phone or tablet stays attached, even on bumpy roads, offering peace of mind during use.

Strong N52 Magnet

Reliable Hold

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