Smart360 AI Motion-Tracking Phone Camera Mount

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360° Shooting

Intelligent Tracking

Easy Portability

Long Battery Life

Product Details



Weight: 240 grams


- Black

- White

- Pink

Product Size: 62 x 79x 160mm

Battery: Lithium Battery

Battery capacity: 1200 mAh

Charging port: type-C

Power: 5V 1A

What's Included

x1 Smart360 AI Motion-Tracking Phone Camera Mount

x1 Charging Cable

x1 Base

x1 User's Manual


- Android Operating System

- iOS

(Smartphones with 4.5 ~ 6.1 Inch) 


How long does the battery last?

Up to 8 hours of continuous use, ensuring you capture every moment without interruption.

Do I need an app to use it?

No, it requires no app, making it simpler to start shooting immediately.

Can it track movements automatically?

Yes, with intelligent facial, gesture, and humanoid recognition, it tracks smoothly.

Is it compatible with my smartphone?

Yes, it's designed for smartphones 4.5 ~ 6.1 inches in size, covering most devices.

How do I switch between modes?

Use hand gestures like the OK sign to activate and the open palm to deactivate 360° shooting/facial tracking.

What materials is the charger made of?

Yes, it can be used with a 1/4 nut interface tripod, providing flexibility in your shoots.

Important Information

Display Light:

Green Light On: Facial Tracking Mode is enabled

Red Light On: Facial Tracking Mode is turned off


Hand Gestures:

OK Sign👌 - Turns on 360° shooting / facial tracking

Palm Open ✋ - Turns off shooting / facial tracking

  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty Included

Intelligent Motion Tracking

Discover the freedom of capturing video without manual intervention. Our Smart360 AI Motion-Tracking Phone Camera Mount automatically recognizes and follows your movements with unparalleled precision, ensuring that every video is perfectly framed. Whether you're recording a dynamic sports action or a family gathering, our device adapts to every scenario, offering you a hassle-free filming experience.

Auto Facial Tracking

Gesture Control

No App Required

Effortless Setup, Instant Use

Setting up your Smart360 AI Motion-Tracking Phone Camera Mount is as easy as it gets. With no apps to download and a user-friendly interface, you can start shooting in seconds. Its versatility allows for both horizontal and vertical filming, making it perfect for any content you wish to create. From vlogs to live streaming, experience seamless integration into your digital life.

Quick Setup

Horizontal & Vertical Shooting

360° Rotation Capability

Seamless Integration

Our Smart360 AI Motion-Tracking Phone Camera Mount is designed for today's digital lifestyle, offering seamless integration with both Android and iOS devices. Without the need for additional apps or complicated setups, you can enjoy effortless filming. Its smart technology ensures you stay in frame, whether you're capturing a cooking tutorial, engaging in a video call, or streaming live. This is technology that truly understands your needs and adapts to them.

Android & iOS Compatible

No App Hassles

Ideal for Live Streaming

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