When you receive the BoltPRO you'll need to ensure you know how to set it up correctly. 

When manufacturing the product, we put a protective film over the front of the BoltPRO. We do this to ensure that the electromagnet inside the product does not interfere with another frequencies during shipment. 

We take pride in our products and aim to deliver the highest quality. Nobody wants a product that doesn't perform.

Follow these steps when unpacking the BoltPRO to have maximum performance.
1. Remove the film. It's added to ensure no scratches during shipping. This is extremely important.
2.If you don't remove the foilthe BoltPRO will have problems charging your device.
3. Mount so that the upper back is not too close to the air vent - this allows the BoltPRO to be seamless when opening automatically.


4. Please make sure your phone supports wireless charging. See supported devices.