Braided Watch Band for Google Pixel Watch

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Seamless Fit

Breathable Comfort

Washable Material

Soft on Skin

Product Details

Materials: Nylon



- Pink

- Beige

- Pink Starlight

- Beige Starlight

- Blue

- Light Grey

- Purple

- Plum

- Olive Green

- Brown

- Light Green

- Orange

- Black

- Dark Grey

- Dark Green

- Pride Rainbow

- Camouflage

- Blue Purple

- Black Rainbow

- White Rainbow



- For Google Pixel Watch 1

- For Google Pixel Watch


Wrists Size: 5.5in - 8.6in (140mm - 220mm)

What's Included

x1 Braided Watch Band for Google Pixel Watch


- Google Pixel Watch 1

- Google Pixel Watch 2


What sizes does it come in?
Designed for Google Pixel Watch 1 and 2, it fits wrist sizes from 5.5in to 8.6in.

Is the watch band water-resistant?
Yes, the material is breathable, washable, and dirt-resistant, making it suitable for daily wear.

Can I adjust the band easily?
Absolutely, with an adjustable metal buckle and stretchable design, you can customize the fit easily.

How does it connect to my watch?
The band features a magnetic lock and a seamless fit design for quick and secure attachment.

Are there different colors available?
Yes, it comes in various colors, including unique Starlight options and a Pride Rainbow variant.

How do I care for the band?
It’s easy; the band is washable. Just rinse under water and let it dry.

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  • 1 Year Warranty Included

Comfort Meets Style

Discover a band that blends comfort with style. Breathable, stretchable, and soft, it's designed to fit seamlessly into your daily life and adventures. Whether you're at work or on a mountain trail, this band keeps you connected and comfortable.

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Fits Daily Life & Adventure

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Adventure Ready

This band isn’t just another accessory; it’s your trusty companion for every escapade under the sun. Crafted for the active soul, its stretchable, breathable fabric is ideal for any sport or outdoor adventure, offering unparalleled comfort without compromising on style. The seamless fit guarantees your watch remains securely on your wrist, letting you focus on the thrill of the adventure, not on keeping your tech safe.

Perfect for Sports

Breathable & Washable

Easy Care & Durability

Durability meets effortless maintenance with this band. Engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use, it repels dirt and resists wear, ensuring it maintains its pristine condition and vibrant color over time. The ease of washing means you can keep it looking as good as new with minimal effort, allowing you to enjoy both its functional benefits and stylish appearance without compromise.

Low Maintenance

Resists Dirt & Wear

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